To Post an Event, simply click on the "Post Your Event" button which will load the following screen:

Post Your Event

Note that the Event Title, Date, Venue Name, Address, Description, Organizer Name and Email are required in order to submit an event.

First input the Event Title and Date of the event.

Once the Date is input, the Time field will appear. By default an event is an "All-day" event. Un-checking "All-day" will provide fields for you to input the End Time. If the Event occurs over several days, then check "Add end date" and input the date.

Input the remaining information.

For the Categories, Location, Audience, and Cost fields, simply click in the field and a selection list will appear. Click on one of the selections to choose it - you can select more then one by clicking in the field again to have the selections appear.

Images are allowed and encouraged to help promote/identify your event.

You must click on the "I'm not a robot" checkbox as well as the "I have read ..." checkbox and then simply click on "Submit Event".

Your event will be reviewed and then posted within 24-48 hours after receipt.

If you need to make any modifications to your event or need help, please use "Contact Us'  to send us a message.